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APAC Power & Renewables Cost Inflation Outlook 2023

EMEA Mining Cost Inflation Trends YTD 2022

APAC Oil & Gas Downstream Cost Inflation Trends Q3 2022

APAC Oil & Gas Upstream Cost Inflation Trends Q3 2022

APAC Power & Renewables Cost Inflation Trends Q3 2022

EMEA Oil & Gas Downstream Cost Inflation Trends – Q3 2022

EMEA Power & Renewables Cost Inflation Trends - Q3 2022

APAC Mining Cost Inflation Trends - Q3 2022

EMEA Oil & Gas Upstream Cost Inflation Trends – Q3 2022

Renewable Energy Series: Optimising Renewables Procurement Performance

European Solar Market Insights

Key Cost Trends in EMEA Downstream: March 2022 - December 2022 Forecast

Key Cost Trends in EMEA Upstream: February 2022 - December 2022 Forecast

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cost Risk Analysis Series: Offshore Wind CAPEX in the UK

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cost Risk Analysis Series: O&G Downstream OPEX in Europe

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cost Risk Analysis Series: O&G Upstream OPEX in the US

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cost Risk Analysis Series: O&G Upstream OPEX in Europe

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cost Risk Analysis Series: Onshore Wind CAPEX in France

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cost Risk Analysis Series: Mining in Australia

Wood Mackenzie - Ukraine Conflict Supply Chain Impacts

Key Global Cost Trends in Mining: December 2021 - December 2022 Forecast

2022 EMEA Power & Utilities Market Report

Debrief of 2021 Power & Utilities Executive Forum

Key Cost Trends in EMEA Upstream: September 2021 - December 2022 Forecast

Supply Chain Impact Analysis of Chinese Power Shortages

Tackling the Global Supply Chain Crunch: Key Cost Trends for EMEA Power & Utilities September 2021

Key Cost Trends in Onshore & Offshore Wind Aug 2021 - Aug 2022

Key Cost Trends in EMEA Upstream: July 2021 - June 2022

Whitepaper: Impact of Global Shortages on the Energy and Natural Resources Industry

Impact of Global Shortages on the Energy and Natural Resources Industries

Key Cost Trends in US Upstream: June 2021 - May 2022 Forecast

Key Cost Trends in EMEA Upstream: June 2021 - May 2022 Forecast

Managing Costs Amid Commodity Price Volatility

Impact of Potential Labor Shortages on Costs for North American Utilities

Strategies for Offsetting Inflation in the Utility Industry

North Sea Spend Market Report

The Impact of Biden's Infrastructure Bill on a Constrained Labor Market

Europe O&G: 2021 Upstream Market Forecasts

Europe O&G: 2021 Downstream Market Reflections

Europe O&G: 2020 Upstream Cost Top Movers

Accelerating Supplier Diversity Programs

A Narrowing Opportunity for Mining Supply Chains

What COVID-19 Means for Your Supply of Mining Tires

Pricing Projects in the Wake of an Oil Crash: How Midstream Firms Can Stay Competitive in a Down Market

COVID-19 Market Report: Managing O&G Supply Chain in the Face of a Market Crisis

Soft Oilfield Service Prices: Implications for Supply Chains

Highlights from the 2019 Houston Wood Mackenzie Energy Summit

New Section 301 Tariffs: What Supply Chain Teams Should Know

Case Studies: A Cost-Centric Mindset in a Down Market

Capturing Merger Synergies in a Wave of O&G Consolidation

Section 301 Tariffs: US-China Trade War Worsens

Highlights from the 2019 Oil & Gas Executive Forum

What Are The Recent Economic Changes In China That Can Impact Oil & Gas Supply Chains?

Higher Oilfield Costs to Continue in 2019

Utility Update: 5 Things to Watch in 2019

[Whitepaper] How Segmenting Suppliers Can Help Predict Bidding Behavior

Wood Mackenzie Upstream Digitalization Report

[Whitepaper] Reduce Supplier Risk by Predicting Bidding Behavior

New Section 301 Tariffs Put Energy Supply Chains at Risk

Potential Tariffs on European Automakers Create Savings Opportunity in Refining Catalysts

What New Chinese Oil Futures Mean for Oil & Gas Supply Chains

Solar Tariffs Expected to Impact Costs for Solar Projects: How to Mitigate, Plan, and Prepare 

Section 232 Threatens Steel and Aluminum

What Utilities Need to Know about Energy Storage Cost Drivers

Navigating Harvey's Aftermath: How Supply Chain Can Manage Market Risks

Why Your Utility Should Do Should-cost Analysis

Will New Sand Mines Crash the Proppant Market?

How Oil Price Spreads Have Changed Refiner Crude Sourcing Strategy

[Webinar] Buckeye Partners Presents: Driving Out Cost with Data

Annual Oil & Gas Executive Forum: The Highlights

Supply Chain, Finance & the Data Analytics-driven Utility Future

How a NAFTA Renegotiation and New Executive Orders Could Affect O&G Supply Chains

[Whitepaper] 4 Factors to Consider During Your Capital Program Organizational Transition

[Webinar On-demand] Imports in Peril? Power & Utility Trade Risk Exposure

[Whitepaper] How a Utility Portfolio Spend Profile Influences Capital Program Value

OCTG Risks: What Supply Chain Teams Need to Know About Recent OCTG Tariffs

[Whitepaper] How to Approach Utility Capital Project Delivery Model Optimization

Beyond the Supply Chain Toolkit: Creative Approaches to Cost Reduction in Today's Oil & Gas Markets

Hot and Cold Rig Stacking in Oil & Gas (Part 1)

Risks of President Trump's Steel Memorandum to O&G Firms

[Webinar On-demand] Trump Risks to International Supply Chains: Utility & Power Sector Perspective

US Shale Production May Lead to OPEC’s Failure: Oil Markets at a Precipice

Webinar On-demand: Q4 2016 Utility Market Update

How Data Enhances Utility Supply Chain Value

Methanol Prices Skyrocket by 180% Over Last Year

3 Common Justifications Suppliers Might Use to Raise Prices

5 of the Top Chemical Savings Opportunities for Oil & Gas

[Video] How the Macroeconomic Context is Impacting Oil & Gas this Quarter

[Video] A Closer Look at the Proppant Market

[Insights Beyond Oil & Gas] Baseball, Data, and E&P Supply Chain Performance

Collaboration and the Art of Utility Cost Transformation

Adapting Supply Chain to the New Utility Business Model

[O&G Insights Beyond Oil & Gas] SRM Insights That O&G Can Learn from Volkswagen and Zappos

Hedging to Mitigate Steel Cost Exposure at Energy Companies

[Interview] PowerAdvocate's O&G Team on Cutting-Edge Cost Reduction

Webinar On-demand: Q3 2016 Utility Market Update – Trump, Steel and Freight

[Video] New Approaches to Sourcing Steel-Based Products in Oil & Gas

What the GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes Merger Means for Supply Chain Teams

[Video] Oil & Gas Freight Update: Shipping in Crisis

A Step-by-Step Guide to Capturing Savings on Caustic Soda

[Video] A Macroeconomic Update for O&G Supply Chain Teams

Tariff Determinations Change Line Pipe Sourcing Process

How Saudi-Iran Tensions Could Generate a Windfall for E&P

2 New Metrics to Evaluate Gas Distribution Replacement Performance

[Webinar] Statoil Presents Cost Reduction and Avoidance Case Studies

How Does Your Gas Distribution Replacement Rate Compare with Utility Peers?

Are You Prepared for Final ITC Steel Tariff Decisions?

Midstream, Refining, and Petrochemical Project Forecast: 2016 through 2020

[Video] Oil & Gas Labor Market Update

[Video] Taking Advantage of Currency Markets: A Guide for Oil & Gas

3 Moves O&G Supply Chain Negotiators Could Be Bringing to the Negotiation Table

Post-Brexit Market Events to Keep an Eye On

[Webinar] What Does the Brexit Mean for O&G?

[launchPAd 2016] Debrief on Our 9th Annual User Group

Murphy Oil-Led Webinar: Driving Value Through Better Data

The UK Votes to Leave the EU: Market Reactions to “Brexit” and Implications for Global Trade and Price Trends

Downstream Savings Series: Part 1: Price Variance Analysis

One Year Later: Our Steel Prediction Comes True

[Downstream Webinar] The Top Market-Driven Savings for Downstream

Today’s Skilled Labor Shortage: 3 Strategies to Manage Costs in Today’s Strained Downstream Labor Market

The Top Catalysts You Should Be Saving On Now

Hot-Rolled Coil Preliminary Duties Are Out. How Will They Impact Your Project Costs?

[In the News] Tax Showdown: Will Texas E&P See Refunds?

4 Costly Problems with Your Spend Data

One of the Greatest and Most Overlooked Savings Opportunities in 2016

[Midstream Webinar] A Guide to Midstream Project Benchmarking

[Webinar] Artificial Lift Equipment: Category Savings Case Study

What Does the Fed Rate Hike Mean for Energy?

The Top 5 Cost Modeling Best Practices for Oil & Gas Firms

The Top 4 Midstream Trends to Watch in 2016

Oil and Gas 2015 M&A Update

[Webinar] The World Has Changed: A Guide to Capturing Savings in a Market Full of Opportunity

Expand Vendor Productivity to Multiply Savings

The Top Chemicals Utilities Should Be Saving on Today

A Better Way to Measure Vendor Productivity

Savings through Should-Cost: Building Savings Roadmap

Savings through Should-Cost: Building a Downstream Savings Roadmap

[Webinar] Weathering the Storm in Steel

Price Tracking Analysis: The Simplest Route to Savings

[In the News] Will Tianjin Port Explosions Impact My Supply Chain?

Top 6 Steel-Based Savings Opportunities for Refiners

6 Steps to Driving Value through Alliance Contracting

The Top 3 Warning Signs of an Ineffective Supply Base

Rig Count: Not the Crystal Ball it Once Was

5 Immediate Opportunities to Reduce Midstream Operating Costs

How to Improve Refining Margins in an Unpredictable Market

The Top 5 Chemicals Refiners Should Be Saving on Today

How Will the Greek Debt Crisis Affect You?

The Biggest Savings Lever You Likely Aren't Pulling

[Midstream Business] How to Turn the Steel Price Decline into $25 Million in Savings

3 Steps to Capturing the Hidden Opportunity in Demand-Driven Savings

Top 10 Categories to Save on Steel

Tactical Savings Guide: Regional Fragmentation Analysis

Supplier Spend by Region: A New Way to Tackle Fragmentation

Tactical Savings Guide: Supplier Distribution Analysis

The Distribution Solution: Optimize Category Spend with Top Suppliers

3 Steps to Capturing $10+ MM in Fuel-Based Savings Opportunities

Tactical Savings Guide: Supplier Growth Analysis

Leverage Spend Growth with Top Suppliers to Save Millions

Shale Mergers Abound

Tactical Savings Guide: Supplier Fragmentation Analysis

Fragmentation to Consolidation: How to Save Through Strategic Spend Redistribution

The 6 Most Important Cost Drivers You Aren't Accounting For

Tactical Savings Guide: Supplier Pricing Analysis

Supplier Pricing Analysis: The Easiest 10-20% You've Ever Saved

How to Forecast Project Costs without Seeing into the Future

Tactical Savings Guide: Supplier Efficiency Analysis

Don't Just Stand-By on Inefficiency Costs

5 Steps to Preventing Cost Overruns: Step 3, Account for Project-Specific Cost Drivers

Oil Has Crashed. Which of Your Suppliers are Withholding Savings?

Tactical Savings Guide: Price Variance Analysis

5 Steps to Preventing Cost Overruns: Step 2, Develop Market Data Assets

Why Inconsistent Pricing Is Likely Costing You Millions

E&P's Elusive Silver Bullet to Savings

5 Steps to Preventing Cost Overruns: Step 1, Accurate Project Data

Should-Cost: The Most Effective Supplier Negotiation Tool You Likely Don't Use

Tactical Savings Guide: Should-Cost Analysis

3 Reasons NOT to Pursue 20% Savings from All Your Suppliers

The 5 Insights from the GAO's Cost Estimating Guide You Need to Act On Now

Focus on Labor: The 3 Tools You Need to Respond to the Midstream Labor Shortage Crisis (3/3)

Focus on Labor: The Threat of Rising Labor Costs (2/3)

Solving the Cost Overrun Problem: A 4 Step How-To Guide

Focus on Labor: The Hidden Cost Driving Midstream Projects (1/3)

The 3 Ways Project Misestimates Threaten Midstream Companies

The 4 Most Common Ways Project Estimates Go Wrong

The 3 Biggest Challenges the Midstream Industry Faces in 2015

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