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Whitepaper: Impact of Global Shortages on the Energy and Natural Resources Industry

July 29, 2021 at 9:00 AM / by Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain

In the first post of our multi-part series, we discussed the market forces driving today's inflationary environment for energy and natural resources firms. Now, we dive deeper into one of the consequences of those market forces: longer equipment lead times. PowerAdvocate recently conducted a survey of dozens of top suppliers in the energy industry and found an average 50% increase in lead times for critical electrical infrastructure equipment since January of 2021. 

In our most recent whitepaper, we reveal the extent of the lead times based on our survey results as well as summarize the leading causes of lead times and increasing costs for firms. Download the whitepaper by filling out the form on the right for your own copy and for insight from PowerAdvocate's industry experts on the mitigation tactics supply chain leaders can take to secure the supply base and ensure continuity for the construction, maintenance, and operation of key assets.



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