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Webinar On-demand: Q3 2016 Utility Market Update – Trump, Steel and Freight

December 1, 2016 at 2:06 PM / by PowerAdvocate

Curious how the election of Donald Trump may impact your supply chain? Looking for new approaches to purchasing steel-based equipment within an environment of increasing protectionism? Wondering whether the bankruptcy of major shipping companies affects your logistics and freight costs?

Watch our Q3 2016 Quarterly Market Outlook webinar on-demand to get answers to questions like these and more.

This 45 minute webinar, presented by PowerAdvocate’s Energy Intelligence Group, features: 

An Economic & Election Update

  • Recent market-moving events: GDP, financial markets’ pre- and post-election reactions and rallies, and post-election copper price surge
  • Forward-looking market dynamics: post-election shift in perspectives on interests rates, infrastructure spending, and protectionism and trade
  • Plus – what we can expect for the new Administration’s economy and energy policy

Deep Dive: Shipping in Crisis

  • Oversupplied shipping markets and rock-bottom sea freight rates present both risk and opportunity
  • How a shipping company bankruptcy can create a wide-scale supply chain disruption

Deep Dive: Assessing Tariff Risk – Steel Market

  • Steel tariffs update, price trends for hot-rolled steel and steel plate, and considerations for assessing your exposure to tariff risk

About the Quarterly Utility Webinar Series

The quarterly webinar is hosted by PowerAdvocate’s Energy Intelligence Group, which is dedicated to supporting our Cost Intelligence® customers. Our team of economists and analysts provide insights into labor and commodity market drivers and trends, helping our customers take advantage of savings opportunities, manage their costs, and negotiate with suppliers. The quarterly utility webinar is based on research from our Cost Intelligence® Quarterly Report that is available only to our Cost Intelligence customers. 


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