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Potential Tariffs on European Automakers Create Savings Opportunity in Refining Catalysts

July 17, 2018 at 11:56 AM / by PowerAdvocate

Platinum, a key input to critical refining catalysts, has already faced steep multi-year price declines and has recently hit a long-term low. However, recent hints at a price rebound point to substantial possible cost risks for downstream firms.

We've put together a special report to help downstream supply chain teams answer questions like: 

  • What's happened recently in platinum markets and how could that impact refining catalyst costs?
  • What factors are influencing a possible price rebound in platinum, and how can supply chain teams prepare?
  • Why, and how, are some platinum procurement methods risky in a rising market?
  • How can Supply Chain act now to capture millions in potential savings? 

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