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Webinar On-demand: Q4 2016 Utility Market Update

March 17, 2017 at 9:54 AM / by Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain

There has been no shortage of discussion about the new White House Administration’s policy change. But how will anticipated trade and market-related shifts affect your Supply Chain options and planning? 

Watch our Q4 2016 Quarterly Market Outlook webinar on-demand to get answers to questions like these and more.

This 30 minute webinar, presented by PowerAdvocate’s Energy Intelligence Group, features discussions on:

  • Steel purchase timing case study: A case study will walk you through the challenges faced by one of our customers and PowerAdvocate’s recommendations.
  • Opportunity to source from Mexico: The Mexican peso has fallen dramatically against the US dollar since the oil price decline in mid-2014. Moreover, the current exchange rate reflects market expectations of the imminent imposition of tariffs and/or other policy actions by President Trump. This could be an opportunity for supply chain officials to take advantage of the low exchange rate and source equipment from Mexico.
  • Trade protectionism in the steel industry intensifies: Several trade cases are still working their way through the US International Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce. Additionally, President Trump’s Executive Order calling for all US pipelines to use 100% US-made steel presents significant challenges to the midstream sector, and could potentially create critical shortages of steel plate domestically.

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About the Quarterly Utility Webinar Series

The quarterly webinar is hosted by PowerAdvocate’s Energy Intelligence Group, which is dedicated to supporting our Cost Intelligence® customers. Our team of economists and analysts provide insights into labor and commodity market drivers and trends, helping our customers take advantage of savings opportunities, manage their costs, and negotiate with suppliers. The quarterly utility webinar is based on research from our Cost Intelligence® Quarterly Report that is available only to our Cost Intelligence customers. 


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