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[Webinar On-demand] Imports in Peril? Power & Utility Trade Risk Exposure

May 3, 2017 at 8:03 AM / by Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain

Trade policies have a way of changing the domestic and global supply chain landscape. A complex mix of duty rates, trade agreements, and federal policies put various pressures on supply and price dynamics. The US import exposure to any NAFTA renegotiations, for example, has been top of mind for many of our utility clients.    

Understanding and keeping up on trade policy developments helps you identify opportunities for supply chain savings and areas to focus risk mitigation strategies.

PowerAdvocate’s Energy Intelligence Group (EIG) of economists and analysts presented a webinar to help power and utility professionals gain insights into how emerging US trade policies could impact utility supply chain categories.

EIG - Q1 2017 Market Update - US Import NAFTA Exposure.jpg

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