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Read our eBrief, Navigate Cost Complexity with Should-cost Analysis

Key Discussion Topics: 

  • Two challenges to effective cost management
  • Outcomes with should-cost analysis
  • Applications of should-cost analysis to create value
  • An efficient, scalable approach to should-cost analysis
  • Use case study of applying should-cost analysis to realize savings

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Since 2000, PowerAdvocate has been enabling enterprises across the energy industry with the data, technology, and expertise needed to understand how their costs are structured, how their pricing stacks up to the market, how they can source more often and competitively, and how their suppliers are performing. Leveraging our $2 trillion+ Energy FactBase™, advanced machine-learning capabilities, and hundreds of professional-years of energy data and consulting expertise, our customers have achieved hundreds of millions in cost reductions and vastly increased efficiency and productivity across their supply chain, operations, and finance processes. 

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