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Read our whitepaper, Capital Program Structure and Delivery Approach for Utilities

Key Discussion Topics: 

  • Why an organization should optimize its delivery model
  • When it is appropriate to undertake a transition process
  • How an organization should approach such processes
  • How the long term results affect an organization
  • What factors are critical for implementing organizational transitions 


About Our Capital Projects Consulting Team 

PowerAdvocate's Capital Projects consulting practice helps energy clients plan, source, and execute large, complex capital portfolios and projects across a wide range of industries. From helping design organizational approaches, leveraging market data to estimate and forecast project costs, procuring and negotiating large contracts, and implementing sophisticated risk-reward programs, the practice has added value to our clients' projects across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Read our Capital Projects blog posts: www.costinsights.com/topic/capital-projects 


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