Value Creation for PE During Volatility

The combination of saturated markets, poor demand and lingering apprehension over COVID-19 in the Energy and Natural Resources industries is expected to lead to a wave of M&A consolidation by PE firms.

With experience in over 50 Energy and Natural Resources deals in the last 3 years, we help PE firms across the key stages of the transaction lifecycle:

  1. Asset Supply Chain Due Diligence: Providing actionable and accurate should-cost market pricing data to assess the cost efficiency and business resilience of a target through a spend and supply chain risk diagnostic
  1. 100-Day Value Creation: Using spend and should-cost market analytics to identify quick-win capex and opex saving opportunities in the first 100-days
  1. Post-M&A Integration and BAU: Identifying long-term spend optimization strategies and implementation roadmaps at a portfolio firm level, and baselining spend across the portfolio
  1. Exit Strategy: Planning and managing project costs if physically decommissioning assets, and planning the value costs of subtracting significant amounts of operational spend post-exit

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