About PowerAdvocate

Who We Are

We're a group of experienced energy industry practitioners and analysts. We believe that no energy company can effectively manage the 70%+ of their costs that reside with suppliers without best-in-class internal cost visibility and external market intelligence.

What We Do

18 years ago, we saw that energy companies were spending billions on capital programs and O&M expenses without the ability to see how that money was being spent or how movements in the external market impacted their costs.

We decided to help. So, through decades of work with the world's leading energy companies, we built an unrivaled intelligence platform and set of solutions grounded in one-of-a-kind energy supply market data. These solutions help our customers reduce costs, drive operational efficiency, and make better investment decisions every day...because good decisions are ultimately made with good data.

Today, we're proud to have worked with more than 80 of the top energy companies in the world. We've been entrusted with more than $3 trillion of spend data and have developed hundreds of industry-specific cost models, forecasts, and indices, all of which help our customers lead the energy industry with the intelligence to make strategic investment and supply chain decisions. 

We Want to Share that Intelligence with You

We created this publication to pass along some of the insight we've developed over the last 18 years and to show energy companies that there is a smarter way to manage costs.

We've dedicated our careers to improving the sophistication of energy industry data, so send us a quick email, and we'll show you how we can help:

  • Reduce capital and O&M costs
  • Save money by sourcing more efficiently and effectively
  • Capture market-driven savings opportunities
  • Engage in supplier negotiations armed with the best available data
  • Quickly develop accurate project estimates